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What the Heck is a Neck Knife?

Unless you are a dedicated exterior type which reads all of the outdoor magazines or a dedicated knife collector or knife manufacturer you might have never heard the term”neck knife” much less seen one. The title itself makes it quite hard to visualize this item. A morbid non-technical individual may make a very inaccurate evaluation of these tiny specialty knives. It requires but little creativity to understand the usage of a skinning knife or a knife boning knife or a fillet knife or boot knife.

Well that one could be a little confusing. Boot knives are not used to producer boots but rather to be carried in a boot. Notice how confusing this can be?
But what in the world is a neck knife used for? Much like specialization or classic knives these Knives come in a wide array of style and price but all are designed for a singular function. However most any knife will probably have multiple uses. You can carve a turkey using an electric knife. Chop down a small tree with a huge hunting knife. Whittle cedar chips or form a piece of artwork using a pocket knife. While you would not normally walk around with an electric knife would not be uncommon for the ordinary person to take a pocket knife or the hunter to have a good knife dangling from a belt.

The concept is to get the knife available quickly when needed.

A scuba diver may need his knife free himself out of a lost fishing net he carries it securely strapped to his leg. The concept is to earn the knife as available as possible. Once you understand this it is a lot easier to guess the goal of a neck knife.Availability is the key word . The neck is intended to hang around the users neck. These knives are made to be small and very quickly grasped if necessary. In olden days before the advent of firearms when bladed weapons were the main method of defense or offense, these knives may have been very common. In our civilized society the knife is more likely to be worn as a piece of jewelry or maybe as a weapon to ward off a rabid dog or a rabid robber. Some things never change. Also if Blade Guru is worn outside of clothing the wearer wouldn’t normally run afoul of the carrying a concealed weapon law.

A quick check on the net reveals dozens of styles and sizes from knives produced by knife companies to works of art hand made by artisan knife makers. Apparently these neck knives are still very popular.

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